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Welcome one and all to the Granite Rock band website. The site is continuously being updated. so keep checking back.



Granite Rock


Site Updates



The Granite Rock Forum is now Active and can be accessed via the Community Link at the bottom of this page.

 After some Internet server problems the albums page streaming music is now active again



The Granite Rock web site has a face lift




Check out the Pictures link, New pictures have been added.




Check out the Pictures link, New pictures have been added.

Granite Rock News


YouTube Granite Rock

That's right, Granite Rock now has a channel on youtube. Here the band will upload their videos for you to view.



Rumors of a New Album

Yes there has been rumors of a new in the making from Granite Rock. Its not known yet if it will be it will be another cover album of if it will be their long awaiting 'Just-a-Jammin'' album. Granite Rock has yet to reveal this information yet.




Music News Headlines

Chinese Democracy leaks on the net

If Axl Rose doesn't release the Guns 'n' Roses album 'Chinese Democracy' soon, it may be too late. Real fans may already have it. 'Chinese Democracy' is fast becoming one of the most bootlegged albums on the planet. The finished product may or may not be already available on illegal sites but rest assured a version of 'Chinese Democracy' definately is.

Kid Rock Vs iTunes

US music star Kid Rock is refusing to put his albums on iTunes because he says artists do not get paid enough for downloads from the Apple store.

Johnny Rotten insults Coldplay

Johnny Rotten has branded Coldplay a bunch of "poncey masturbators". The Sex Pistols frontman pities the people who go to watch the band - who are currently number one in the UK album charts with new album ‘Viva La Vida Or Death and All His Friends’ - because they are just “men in anoraks”.

He told Britain’s The Sun newspaper: I pity the poor b*****s who have to watch them. They are utterly humourless.

More music News

Fans Comments

See what the fans are saying about Granite Rock. with the comments they leave.

If you wish to leave a comment then email Granite Rock with "Fan Comment" as the subject, the email address can be found on the contacts page.


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The GR community

Come and join the Granite Rock community.

The Forum if now ACTIVE !!!!




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